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Sir Percivall Pott

Sir Percivall Pott, (born January 6, 1714, London, England—died December 22, 1788, London), English surgeon noted for his many insightful and comprehensive surgical writings who was the first to associate cancer with occupational exposure.

Pott, whose father died when he was a young boy, was raised under the care of his mother and a relative, Joseph Wilcocks, the bishop of Rochester. He was sent to a private school in Kent and later was an apprentice to Edward Nourse, a surgeon at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital in London. In preparing and dissecting cadavers for Nourse’s anatomy classes, Pott not only became educated in the basic principles of anatomy and medicine but also eventually perfected his surgical technique. In 1736, after seven years under Nourse’s instruction, Pott passed examinations for admittance to the Company of Barber Surgeons—the forerunner of the Royal College of Surgeons of England. The Company awarded Pott the Grand Diploma, an honorary achievement, in recognition for his exceptional surgical skills. In 1745 he became an assistant surgeon at St. Bartholomew’s and was promoted to full surgeon in 1749.

In 1756, while on his way to see a patient, Pott was thrown from his horse and sustained an open compound fracture of his lower leg. He refused to allow his rescuers to move him right away. Instead, he instructed them to build a makeshift stretcher from a door and poles, which was used to carry him home. Several of his surgical colleagues examined the injury and recommended amputation, the standard course of treatment at the time. Nourse, however, who also went to see Pott, advised otherwise, suggesting reduction, in which traction and pressure are applied to the fracture to correct the positioning of the bones. Nourse’s technique worked, and Pott’s leg healed without complication. The reduction approach introduced by Nourse was subsequently refined and became widely used in the treatment of open compound fracture, leading to a substantial decline in amputations. In addition, fractures of the lower leg similar to the type Pott suffered became known as Pott fracture. During his recovery, Pott wrote A Treatise on Ruptures (1756), a medical work in which he disproved misguided theories on the causes and treatment of hernias.

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In Chirurgical Observations Relative to the Cataract, the Polyplus of the Nose, the Cancer of the Scrotum, the Different Kinds of Ruptures, and the Mortification of the Toes and Feet (1775), Pott published the first report of cancer caused by occupational exposure. He observed an unusually high incidence of skin sores on the scrotums of men working as chimney sweeps in London. He also discovered coal soot in the sores and eventually concluded that men routinely exposed to soot were at a high risk for scrotal cancer. Pott’s report was the first in which an environmental factor was identified as a cancer-causing agent. The disease became known as chimney-sweepers’ cancer, and Pott’s work laid the foundation for occupational medicine and measures to prevent work-related disease.

Pott also described a disease of the vertebrae in which the bones soften and collapse, causing the spine to curve and produce a hunched back. The condition, Pott disease, is now known to result from infection with the tuberculosis organism Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

ПОТТ Персивел

ПОТТ Персивел (Pott Percival, 1714— 1788) — английский хирург.

С 1744 г. работал в б-це Св. Варфоломея в Лондоне, в 1749—1787 гг.—главный хирург этой б-цы. П. Потт — автор многочисленных работ, относящихся к различным областям хирургии, из к-рых наиболее известны труды, посвященные переломам, вывихам, рахиту и другим заболеваниям костей и суставов.

Он описал «размягчение, разрушение и искривление позвоночного столба» (1779) — так наз. болезнь Потта (туберкулезный спондилит).

Для лечения этого заболевания он предлагал иммобилизацию позвоночника, укрепляющее питание, климатотерапию. Имя П. Потта носит один из видов переломов лодыжек, описанный им в 1769 г. (см. Потта перелом). Ему принадлежат описание врожденной грыжи (1756), работы, посвященные слезным и анальным фистулам, гидроцеле (1762), профессиональному раку кожи у трубочистов (1775), опухолям головы (опухоль Потта); труды по патол, анатомии. Собрание трудов П. Потта с 1771 по 1808 г. неоднократно переиздавалось, в частности на немецком, французском и итальянском языках.

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Сочинения: Observations on the nature and consequences of wounds and contusions of the head, fractures of the skull, concussions of the brain, L., 1760; Some few general remarks on fractures and dislocations, L., 1769; The chirurgical works, v. 1—2, Dublin, 1771—1772, v. 1—3, L.. 1808; Remarks on that kind of palsy of the lower limbs which is frequently found to accompany a curvature of the spine, L., 1779.

Библиография: Многотомное руководство по хирургии, под ред. Б. В. Петровского, т. 12, с. 34, М., 1960; Forbes Т. R. Percivall Pott performs a postmortem, Bull. N. Y. Acad. Med., v. 51, p. 272, 1975; M e 1 i c o w M. M. Percivall Pott (1713 — 1788), Urology, v. 6, p. 745, 1975; Percivall Pott, J. Amer. med. Ass., v. 186, p. 795, 1963.

Потт Персиваль

«Потт Персиваль» в книгах


Глава 13 ПЕРСИВАЛЬ, ИЛИ ПОВЕСТЬ О ГРААЛЕ Последний роман Кретьена де Труа, который не был завершен из-за смерти автора, представляет собой кульминацию его восхождения от темы земной любви «Тристана», которой он посвятил первое свое значительное произведение, к теме

Эрнст Тейлор, Алан Джон Персиваль

Эрнст Тейлор, Алан Джон Персиваль (Taylor), английский историк, автор первого ревизионистского толкования причин 2-й мировой войны. Родился 25 марта 1906 в Баркдале, Ланкашир. Закончил Бутхем-Скул в Йорке и Ориел-колледж в Оксфорде. Преподавал в Манчестерском университете

Потт Август Фридрих

Потт Август Фридрих Потт (Pott) Август Фридрих (14.11.1802, Неттельреде, Ганновер, — 5.7.1887, Галле), немецкий языковед, доктор философских наук (1827). Учился в Гёттингенском университете (1821—25). Профессор университета в Галле (с 1838). Один из основоположников

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Ловелл Персиваль


ПЕРСИВАЛЬ …Sir Percival…Whom Arthur and his Knighthood called the Pure «Сэр Персиваль, которого Артур и его рыцари называли непревзойденным.» ТеннисонПридуманный Кретьеном де Труа, подхваченный «Вульгатой» и Вольфрамом фон Эшенбахом Перцифаль (Parsifal, Parzival) наконец попадает в «Смерть Артура» уже


Персиваль . Sir Percival. Whom Arthur and his knighthood called the Pure[85]. Теннисон Придуманный Кретьеном де Труа, подхваченный «Вульгатой» и Вольфрамом фон Эшенбахом Перцифаль (Parsifal, Parzival) наконец попадает в «Смерть Артура» уже как сэр Персиваль Уэльский.Был он сыном короля Пеллинора,

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